Places of Interest



A forested hill of prime religious significance, this is believed to be the original Chitrakoot. The Bharat Milap Temple is located here. Pilgrims perform a ritual circumambulation of the hill to seek blessings



Stepped edges leading into the river Mandakini and a serene environment is what one will find here. This riverside is known to be the place where Lord Rama, Goddess Sita and Lord Laxman interacted with Saint Goswami Tulsidas. Ram Ghat is a place with much activity and a seething crowd as it is one of the main Ghats of Chitrakoot.One can see the signs of it early morning onwards. Also adding to the view are the colourful boats lining near the steps leading into the river. One should not miss the evening Aarti on the Ram Ghat.



Bharat Koop is a huge well near Bharatpur village, located around 20 KMs west of Chitrakoot. It is believed that Lord Rama’s brother Bharat brought water from all the holy places to honour Lord Ram as the King of Ayodhya. Bharat was unsuccessful in persuading Lord Ram to return to his kingdom and take his place as the king. Bharat then, as per the instructions of Maharishi Atri, poured the holy water in this well. It is said that taking a bath from the water of this well means bathing in all teerths (pilgrimage destination). There is also a temple here dedicated to Lord Rama and his family.



Bharat Milap temple is believed to be the marking the spot where Bharat met Lord Rama during his period of exile to persuade him to return to the throne of Ayodhya. It is said that the meeting of four brothers was so overwhelming that even the rocks and mountains of Chitrakoot melted. Footprints of Lord Rama and his brothers imprinted on these rocks can still be seen.



Ganesh Bagh is located on the Karvi – Devangana road. It was built in the 19th century by Vinayak Raj Peshwa. This place consists of a temple which has carvings on its interiors, resembling the art and style of Khajuraho. This place is also known as mini Khajuraho, owing to its architectural similarity with original Khajuraho.



This Hanuman temple is situated on top of a huge rock. A steep climb of several carved steps lead to the temple. While climbing these steps one can see splendid views of Chitrakoot underneath. All along the way small idols of Lord Hanuman are placed to offer prayers. Legend says that inside this temple Lord Rama stayed with Lord Hanuman, after Lord Hanuman set Lanka on fire and returned back. Here Lord Rama helped him pacify his anger. Further up from this point are a few more shrines dedicated to Lord Rama, Mother Sita and Laxman.



Gupt Godavari is located 18 Kms from Chitrakoot. Legend has it that Lord Rama and Lakshman stayed here for some part of their exile. Gupt  Godavari is a two cave system inside a mountain with knee high water level. The bigger cave has two stone carved thrones believed to be belonging to Rama and Laxman. The outside of these caves are covered with shops for purchasing memorabilia.



This ashram is known to be the resting place of the sage Atri. Atri meditated here with his devout wife Anusuya. Legend says that during the exile Lord Rama and Mother Sita visited Sati Anusuya at this ashram. Sati Anusuya used to teach Mother Sita during this time. There is large statue of Lord Krishna riding a chariot with Arjun sitting behind him which depicts a Mahabharata scene. Inside it are more sculptures with interesting artwork, kept for sacred darshan.



Ram Darshan temple is one unique temple where puja (worship) and offerings are prohibited. This temple helps people enter integral Humanism by imparting them the valuable moral lessons. The temple is an amalgamation of cultural and human aspects and leaves a mark on anyone’s heart who ever visits this temple. The temple gives an insight to Lord Rama’s life and his inter- personal relations. One needs an entry ticket to enter the premises.



The sphatik shila is a small boulder situated on the banks of River Mandakini, upstream from the Rama Ghat. This place is believed to be the spot where Mother Sita did her Shringaar (makeup). Also, legend has it that this is where Jayant, Lord Indra’s son, disguised as a crow pecked Sita on her foot. It is said that this boulder still bears the imprint of Rama’s feet.